A woman from Scottsville, Kentucky, was arrested last week after she allegedly attempted to smuggle a cell phone and methamphetamine into the Macon County Jail inside of a television.

Savanna Rice, 23, faces a series of charges following the incident.

According to the arrest report, on July 6, a corrections office at the jail conducted a scan of a 32-inch television that was brought there for Derrick Saddler.

Macon County Jail Administrator Scotty Sutton advised the corrections officer to look over it thoroughly before sending it to the inmate’s pod, and it was scanned using a jail X-ray machine. Abnormalities were found, including two, large unsecured objects inside the television.

When the back of the television was removed, a cell phone, charger, USB charger, five Buprenorphine Hydrochloride pills and a baggie containing methamphetamine and Fentanyl was found.

It was discovered that Rice brought the television to the jail to give to Saddler on the night of July 4, which was confirmed on the lobby cameras inside the Macon County Justice Center (where the jail is housed).

Rice was served with an arrest warrant on July 12 and taken into custody at that time.

She is charged with the manufacturing of narcotics, introducing drugs into a county institution, possession of a schedule II substance, and the manufacture, delivery, sale or possession of methamphetamine.

Her bond was set at $60,000, and her court date is slated for Aug. 4.

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