Lion's Club fundraiser

The Lion’s Club held a successful BBQ fundraiser on the rainy morning of May 6, and, although the showers kept coming, it didn’t dampen the good work of Lion Club members. Pictured, from left, are Lafayette Lion’s Club Members Michael Reeves, Renee Reeves, Barbra Stanley, Amanda Sanders, President Alex Martinez, Ronald Birdwell, Jimmy Dyer and Herbert Sircy on the grill.

Rain or Shine, the Lafayette Lion Club’s smokey grill still roared with delicious smells, even though the May 6 morning fundraiser came with bouts of rain.

The bags of to-go orders filled one table, beyond reach of the rain in the Save-A-Lot side store-front area, making Lion’s Club President Alex Martinez all smiles.

“We do this cause, come rain or shine,” the soaking wet leader said after grilling most of the morning, standing in the rain. “It’s been a great day,” he said, “it’s not even noon, and we’re almost sold out, due to the pre-orders, and I am thankful.”

“There are over 100 members in the Lions Club,” he said. “My wife, Tashina, keeps up with that exact number, and she’s at a hair appointment because she is fixing to go to Vegas,” he said with a laugh.

Around 20 dedicated and available Lion Club members came out to face the rain to support the Lion’s Club cause. “And we are always looking for more to join,” member Amanda Sanders said.

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