Randall Guffey

Randall Guffey

A Lafayette man has been indicted on two counts of rape stemming from allegedly raping his special needs sister-in-law back in January.

Randall Guffey, 58, of 4180 Red Boiling Springs Road, Lafayette, had the indictment returned against him on Dec. 6 by the Macon County Grand Jury.

Back in January of 2021, deputies responded to Guffey’s address in the Webbtown community regarding a disturbance and an intoxicated male attempting to leave the residence, according to Macon County Sheriff’s Department detective Kevin Woodard.

Police were able to make a traffic stop on Guffey at the time and arrested him for both DUI and possession of a handgun while intoxicated.

Allegations were also made that Guffey had sexually assaulted his wife’s sister, who is mentally handicapped and lives in a trailer on the same property as Guffey and his wife.

Woodard began an investigation into the matter. According to the detective, he spoke to Guffey’s wife, who stated that she had left the residence because of a domestic situation involving Guffey. When she returned, she stated that Guffey was inside her sister’s trailer located behind the house. She knocked on the door of the trailer and it was locked. Guffey, according to the woman’s statement, told her to wait a minute before he came to the door.

When police interviewed the sister, she made allegations of Guffey bothering her.

Guffey, who was arrested on the DUI charge was brought to the sheriff’s office and questioned further. The victim was transported to Macon County Hospital’s emergency room where a rape kit check was conducted and sent to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation lab along with some articles from her residence.

Evidence from crime lab showed a male DNA, so a search warrant was obtained to get a DNA sample from Guffey.

Woodard interviewed Guffey the day after the incident occurred, and he stated that he remembered the events from the evening in question. Though he did not admit to the rape, the interview gave Woodard sufficient cause to make the charge of rape against him.

That sample was sent off to the lab and came back a positive match to the DNA sample obtained from the rape kit administered to the victim.

The grand jury was presented this evidence and came back with an indictment against Guffey for two counts of rape, one of which is related to the rape of a handicapped individual.

Guffey’s DNA sample was sent off to a lab and came back a positive match. On Dec. 6 he was presented to the grand jury and they returned a true bill for the two counts of rape.

Guffey’s bond was set at $75,000, and he has a court hearing on Dec. 29 regard the charges.

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