A Dixon Springs man was arrested after he allegedly attacked EMS workers following a 911 call he made regarding medical assistance for his wife.

Ben Singleton, 59, of 1836 Taylor Branch Lane, Dixon Springs, phoned Macon 911 on Jan. 2 and became irate with dispatchers and began cursing at them. Singleton also called Macon 911 a second time and made four calls to Trousdale 911 and each time was irate and using profanity as he spoke to dispatchers on the line.

When the EMT unit arrived on the scene at the residence, Singleton greeted paramedic Spencer Tuck at the door and began swearing at him and attempted to block him entering the residence to assist his wife. Paramedic Amanda Jackson stepped in between Singleton and Tuck in an attempt to calm Singleton down.

Singleton then pushed Jackson up against the wall and appeared, according to what Tuck told Deputy Tyler Gann, that Singleton was about to strike Jackson.

Spencer then pushed Singleton off of Jackson and he fell onto a wooden bench. Singleton then stated, “Go get my gun.”

At that point, Deputy Gann arrived on the scene and Singleton became angry with him. Gann’s report states that Singleton refused verbal commands and when the deputy stated that he would deploy a taser, Singleton swore at him and said “(Expletive) tase me then.”

Singleton was slurring his words and smelled of alcohol. Deputy Gann was able to subdue him and placed him under arrest for assault on a first responder, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and making non-emergency 911 calls. Singleton was transported to the Macon County Jail where his bond was set at $9,000. He is scheduled to appear in Macon County General Sessions Court on Feb. 16 to face the charges.

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