Jacob Williams

Jacob Williams

A Westmoreland man who crashed his truck through a fence causing extensive damage on Rocky Mound Road, then fled the scene, is facing multiple charges from the incident after losing his license plate in the crash, which led police to be able to locate him.

On Oct. 5, Jacob Williams was driving his 2001 Chevy pickup truck on Rocky Mound Road when he crashed through a fence, causing damage to it, as well as damaging an NCTC box and two trees. Williams managed to get the truck out and fled the scene without reporting the accident to police, but lost his license plate at the scene of the crash.

When police found the plate during their investigation of the crash, it was traced back to a Tina Williams at 4175 Old Highway 52 in Westmoreland.

The Sumner County Sheriff’s Department was notified and went to that location and made contact with Jacob Williams, 34, of that same location. The Sumner County deputies transported Williams back to speak with Sgt. Austin Cliburn about the crash in Macon County. When Cliburn spoke to Williams, he could smell an odor of alcohol coming from his person and asked Williams if he had been drinking. Williams admitted tht he had and submitted to a blood draw. He was booked into the Macon County Jail on charges of DUI (1st offense), leaving the scene of an accident and vandalism.

A deputy was dispatched back to Williams’ residence in Westmoreland, where the VIN number of the truck was taken and confirmed that it was the truck involved in the crash.

Williams’ bond was set at $10,000, and he is scheduled to appear in Macon County General Sessions Court on Dec. 8 to face all charges.

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