A Westmoreland woman was arrested two times over a four-day span last week.

Holley N. Dowell, 30, faces multiple charges following the incidents.

According to arrest reports, Lafayette police officers Elliot Sandifer and Derek Carlisle were dispatched to an apartment located on Main Street in Lafayette due to a domestic situation. While the officers were en route to the residence, Dowell called in regarding the male subject and said that she had left the scene.

When the officers arrived, they spoke with a man who said that he and Dowell were fussing and that she became physical with him, pushing him down and getting on top of him.

Then, the report states that Dowell went outside and smashed the windows of their vehicle.

She had been informed by law enforcement to not return to the residence.

She was charged with domestic assault and criminal trespassing.

Her bond was set at $7,000, and she posted bond the next day.

Her initial court date was slated for Wednesday.

Then, last Thursday, Dowell violated an order of protection by allegedly sending a text message to her friend and asking the friend to ask the man if he planned on paying any of the bills from the residence due to Dowell needing to have money in order to pay her bondsman, for fear of going back to jail.

The text message was shown to law enforcement, and it was confirmed that it did come from Dowell’s cell phone.

She was charged with a violation of an order of protection.

Her bond was set at $500, and her court date is slated for Aug. 5.

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