Brandon Cook has been named as Wilson County Schools’ technology supervisor.

The position became open earlier this school year due to the sudden death of longtime WCS employee Tom Waller.

“Tom has been a great mentor to so many including myself, but he was more than that for a lot of us. He was family,” said Cook in a news release from the district.

Cook understands the challenges that come with the position.

“We will never lose sight on our commitment to student safety. Tom was not willing to compromise in this matter. Student and teacher safety is the top priority. We want to continue to have a secure digital environment, have precise privacy and permission measures in place and ensure all students are displaying good digital citizenship,” he said. “Also, it’s very important that we continue to provide for our district needs. Tom was about building relationships, and was very aware and responsive to all technology needs in the district. That’s what I aim to do as well.”

Cook has been employed by WCS for several years, including as a teacher and most recently curriculum coordinator.

“I began in the brick and mortar classroom as a teacher, and then became a virtual teacher. I then moved into the Instructional Technology Department,” he said. “I am so excited to be able to bring my experience from the classroom into this position. Teachers are on the front line, and whether it is a brand new teacher to our district or a veteran, I want to be involved in ensuring they have the technology to be able to walk into the classroom on day one and be ready to teach.”

In this pandemic era, the importance of technology in all areas of teaching and learning has become clear.

“This goes back to the KIDS acronym that (district director) Dr. (Donna) Wright has challenged us with. We need to know our students, identify their strengths, determine their needs and that will lead to success. Certainly, there are many opportunities out there, and they continue to grow because of the nature of the pandemic,” he said. “However, we also know that because it continues to grow, things can become overwhelming. I want to help simplify issues when they come along. It is our goal to ensure that any technology that is being used is good for our students and our district, and can provide stability in a time of uncertainty.”

Cook’s duties will include the overseeing of the district’s network, hardware, databases and technology programming.

“We are a team that meets the ever changing needs of our district. I will move forward one step at a time, and I’m excited to begin prioritizing goals while always keeping student learning as the number one priority.”

He will begin his new position with the district on Monday.

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