Thanksgiving has come and gone, and for many households that means it’s time to put up the Christmas tree.

Families still searching for the perfect pine, fir or spruce to decorate the living room have several options in Wilson County. Here’s a look at some of the local tree farms and lots around town this year.

Norm’s Christmas Tree Lot — 11620 Lebanon Road, Mt. Juliet

Norman Chrisman has been selling trees in the community for roughly 30 years and is continuing from a new location this season.

“These are good, fresh trees out of North Carolina,” he said. “They’re 5 to 14 feet, and we price them based on the tree and condition.”

From Fraser firs to Norway spruces, Chrisman has a variety of species available, along with handmade décor like bows and reindeer.

“We also have wreathes, garlands and we do flock-a-trees where you basically spray-paint it white,” he said, referring to the process behind making a tree look snowy. “We do it all for you — put it on a stand, wrap it in plastic and everything.”

Chrisman’s lot operates daily from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. with hours extended to 10 p.m. on weekends, and he plans to sell through Dec. 20. He said COVID-19 has not done much to impact the customer experience, but workers will be wearing masks and following health and safety guidelines.

Circle S Farms — 1627 Old Laguardo Road, Lebanon

Circle S Farms not only offers hundreds of trees, but a saw for families to cut them down themselves.

“A lot of people don’t have the opportunity to know what farm life is like, and this is another way we can share our farm with the community,” co-owner Connie Massey said. “We’ll see the kids come out and realize they’re able to cut the tree down themselves, and it’s really fulfilling.”

Massey said attendance has grown steadily since the farm started selling trees five years ago. She expects that trend to continue amid COVID-19 because of the open outdoor space.

“We’re going to be sanitizing the saws between each use, but the outdoor area is big enough people can go out without masks,” Massey said. “Inside our store where you pay, we’ll only allow one person in at a time. Normally, we have self-serve hot chocolate, and we’ll have to modify that so everyone isn’t touching each other’s drinks.”

The farm started selling on Friday and expects to continue each weekend through the second week of December. Prices are set at $10 per foot, and there are four kinds of trees available: white pine, Scotch pine, Virginia pine and Murray Cypress.

Rhonda and Chris’ TreeLand — 2054 Beech Log Road, Watertown

Rhonda and Chris’ TreeLand is celebrating its 18th year selling trees in the community, and co-owner Rhonda Leauber is excited about the season.

“Things have definitely grown a lot, and we’re starting to see generations of families,” she said. “People who came here with their kids in 2001 are bringing grandkids now, and some of them tell us it’s a holiday tradition.”

The farm is another of the county’s “cut-your-own” options, and will run on weekends through Dec. 12. Self-serve appointments are available afterward by calling 615-237-9304.

“We’ve been really careful about trying to stay safe, and this is probably one of the safest things you can do because we’re on 90 acres,” Leauber said. “Our workers will be wearing masks, and my husband figured out a way we can spray down and sanitize the saws after each use ... people can walk around and bring their pets, and we don’t sell anything but Christmas trees and a good time.”

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