You know you need a new mattress when you can’t remember how old your current mattress is! We’ve flipped it, padded it and flipped it again — but the time had come.

Actually we probably needed one two years ago but just the thought of shopping for one gave me hives. Buying a mattress is an expensive and usually non-refundable endeavor.

So many options, so many variations but basically I just didn’t want a bad one. I didn’t want it too soft or too hard, didn’t want it to make me cold but definitely didn’t want it to make me hot. And I didn’t want it to cost a lot!

And with those directions, I sent my husband and son out in search of a new mattress.

I mean, what could go wrong there?

I’m now writing my article while laying in bed. Or to be clear, I’m sitting straight up in bed.

As in they basically came home with a hospital bed.

I should have known that if you send two men to buy a mattress they’d come back with one that requires a remote.

Where in my directions did I say I wanted a remote??

The new mattress has been a hit with the kids. Our middle one even drove home from college when she heard about it.

She jumped right in between us and proceeded to see how high our legs could go up and our heads could go down.

“It’s like a ride,” she remarked.

“Yeah for old people,” my son remarked. “Move over Zoe so I can try!”

And while at first I was not amused with my husband’s senior mattress choice, now, sitting here, with my feet slightly elevated and my back fully supported, with the volume too high on the television and needing glasses to see the screen, I’m wondering how I ever lived without it!

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