In a million years, I never thought I’d write an article about mask personalities. But here we are and like it or not, we are in this mess, so we might as well find something to laugh about.

The mask you pick says a lot about your personality. In fact, I’ve become quite intrigued that in a matter of weeks, we have masked up and done so in very unique ways. You’ve got to love America, for so many reasons, and this is just one of them!

So which of these is you?

The Fashion Statement

So when this all started and masks were scarce, all of a sudden, my FB was flooded with people making hand-made masks. First off, I didn’t even know any of my friends could sew, much less, sew in mass quantities! From July 4th themed masks to girly versions to the more manly Camo version, if you can match your mask to your outfit, then you are definitely a fashion diva like never before!

The Branding Opportunity

From Team Trump to Team Titans, why not turn your mask into a mouthpiece? From sport teams to realtors to politicians — gone are the pens and lip balm — bring on the mask with your company logo and consider it a write-off. If Bart Durham doesn’t have these out yet, he needs to get some asap.

The Grandma

Made with love and with enough room to insert a coffee filter, if you’ve got one of these, I’m betting you’ve got a Grandma that loves you! Plus she’s just excited to finally use all those scraps of fabric she’d been holding on to for the last thirty years.

The N95

Go big or go home! That’s what you’re telling the world when you put one of these suckers on. But seriously, unless you are a doomsday prepper, how in the world did you get your hands on one of these masks? When I see anyone wearing this type of mask, first I’m a little scared because they remind me of Bane from Batman, yet at the same time I’m so impressed by their Amazon buying talents.

The Plain Jane

That’s me! I have about three of these freebies at the bottom of my purse, next to my pens and dirty coins. While I’m protecting myself from the RONA, I’m also probably catching something else the minute I put it on.

The Plastic Shield

Not gonna lie, whenever I see anyone wearing these I immediately think of the movie “Contagion” and wonder if I’m in an Ebola hotspot. Just know if you wear this into Kroger, you may cause widespread panic!

The Au Naturel

I get it. I really do. Not sure where I stand anymore but if you won’t judge me, I won’t judge you, because at the end of the day, we all want to be au naturel sooner rather than later!

Except the fashion divas, of course, because I’m thinking these folks have got big plans for Halloween and Thanksgiving!

Telling Tales is written by Wilson County’s Angel Kane and Becky Andrews. This column is Angel’s.

Telling Tales is written by Wilson County’s Angel Kane and Becky Andrews. This column is Angel’s.

Telling Tales is written by Wilson County's Angel Kane and Becky Andrews. This column is Angel's.

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