After months of deliberation, Mt. Juliet has authorized a sales agreement for the city’s latest public park.

The Tomlinson property, measuring 57 acres of land on Beckwith Road, represents a $975,000 expense. Commissioners had previously discussed buying the Hayes property near Providence Central, but the landowner withdrew it from consideration before their meeting Monday.

“The sales price is a really nice price for this for this,” Mayor James Maness said. “Plus we do have … the letter of intent from Beazer Homes to do a lot of the improvements on behalf of the city. That’s definitely an item that we’ll work through on that, but it is very promising to see that.”

Maness joined District 3 Commissioner Scott Hefner and District 4 Commissioner Jennifer Milele in approving the agreement. Vice Mayor Ray Justice abstained from the vote.

Mt. Juliet Parks Director Roger “Rocky” Lee was unavailable at press time to respond to inquiries about plans and a time frame for the park.

Commissioners also approved a first reading vote to install three new traffic signals for a combined $900,000. The item originally covered a signal at the intersection of Lebanon Road and S. Greenhill Road, and was amended to include Curd Road and Oakhall Drive’s intersections with N. Mt. Juliet Road.

“The reason we’re asking for this is because there was a red light at N. Greenhill Road before the extension was made where the new Green Hill High School is,” Justice said. “When they took that traffic light down, they had moved that traffic light down to N. Greenhill where the high school is. Unfortunately, there was a lot of pressure at that point put now on S. Greenhill and the corresponding intersection of Santa Fe Trail.”

Curd Road and Oakhall Drive’s intersections are also considered safety hazards and have been involved in the city’s transportation plan discussions.

“While we want to continue to look for maybe some more permanent solutions that might be better long-term — realigning the roadways, things like that — this is something that can give us a nice stopgap for a decently affordable price right now,” Mt. Juliet Public Works Director Andy Barlow said.

According to Barlow, a signal at S. Greenhill could be in place by the spring if the commission approves the second reading vote. The other two signals would likely see a longer turnaround time because of the time it would take to survey the sites.

The Mt. Juliet Board of Commissioners’ next regular meeting is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. on Jan. 11, in the city’s administration building at 2425 N. Mt. Juliet Road.

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