With the COVID-19 virus and the use of rubber gloves, tissues and mask, I have noticed lots and lots of these used items being discarded and littered along our roadsides, in people’s front yards, along walkways, sidewalks and in the parking lots of many businesses. This made me once again ask what would make a person disrespect their fellow citizens, community, state, and country by littering or illegal dumping. Could it be laziness or lack of respect for their country, community and fellow citizens? If not, then I’d sure like to know why. Think about it, there are no good excuses or reasons for littering.

Why would anyone just throw trash or items that could make others sick on the ground? Do they not realize or care that another human being will have to pick it up? Is it because they think that all trash is biodegradable or will simply be picked up by someone else, so they don’t care? I just can’t fathom what would possess a person to simply dump or throw trash on the ground or along the roadsides without a care in the world. For the people who dump or throw trash on the ground or along the roadside on someone’s property, you know who you are, let me ask you this, how would you feel if someone decided to dump or throw their trash in your front yard or on your property? Would you be ok with that? I very seriously doubt it. People who litter apparently have very little respect for their fellow citizens and our great city, county and country.

Trust me, just drive down any road or through any community and see for yourself. I hate sounding like a litter tyrant or fuss bucket, but it frustrates me to no end to see something that’s so easy to dispose of littered and thrown along the roadside. I agree that disposing of some items like stoves, couches and tires isn’t very easy or convenient. It requires driving to the county landfill to dispose of and is time consuming and annoying at times, but it’s the right thing to do. But to disrespectfully throw used rubber gloves, tissues, face mask and trash that can simply be thrown in a trash can, there is no excuses. Taking the easy way out and finding a convenient location to dump your trash and other conveyances isn’t right in so many sad ways. It’s just plain inexcusable, wrong and disrespectful to everyone else.

Illegal littering and dumping cost us all. Those that illegally dump, or litter only pass their trash, problems and cost onto the rest of us. They simply make the problem someone else’s. But in the end, it cost us all. Littering and illegal dumping is against the law and morally wrong. We must have respect for our country, community and fellow citizens. Littering is defined as the disposing of any material in an illegal manner. Let’s show some respect, and pride and put a stop to illegal littering and dumping. Let’s put trash where it belongs.

In closing, God Bless the U.S.A.

Kenny Martin is Mt. Juliet city manager.

Kenny Martin is Mt. Juliet city manager.

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