When 'Fuller House' equals Real House

Holly Marie Tong

When it was announced that there would be a “Full House,” sequel, I was among the ’90’s kids rejoicing (and jamming out to MC Hammer). While I didn’t know exactly what to expect, I didn’t expect to relate to the older D.J. and Stephanie Tanner so ridiculously much. No, I don’t have three kids like D.J., and I’m not a widow, but the whole being torn between two guys thing she’s currently going through? Been there … done that … got the T-shirt. I understood episode 13’s Bachelor parody a little too much. I’ve experienced that intense final rose cliffhanger, except my cliffhanger continues to hang. And then there’s creative, free-spirited Stephanie who remains unattached in her 30’s. She loves her life and she short-term dates some pretty intriguing guys, yet she wants something lasting and meaningful for once. She’s also an accomplished poor person. Um … hello, soul sister!

Fuller House still has that cheesiness we all know and love, but in the midst of it all lays real adult themes. While the critics say there’s too much dating going on, I’m just wondering if these critics met their soulmates at 18 years old, or if they’ve been living under a rock somewhere. Then there is the general theme of the show: The fuller house. They’re doing what they have to do and living how they need to live. Three single women who didn’t quite end up with happily-ever-after. Despite their reroutes and unknown futures, they know how to live it up. They still wear dresses that appear to be from the juniors’ department, and they still dance like it’s 1992. Once again … they get me.

These days, I have a “fuller house” of my own: A sister, a roommate and a dog. I’m now actually making those recipes I find on Pinterest rather than simply pinning my life away. We laugh, we comfort one another, we give advice and we discuss real life. I look out for them, and they look out for me. None of us quite know where we’re going, but we have dreams, and we support each other in those dreams. One guy. Two girls. Three single roommates. Wait … isn’t that Three’s Company? Either way, I’m a real life TV show, and I’m perfectly fine with that (except for the fact that my show doesn’t pay a thing).

Holly Marie Tanner….oops I mean “Tong” is an award-winning journalist and the author of Chick Flicks Lie.

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