The Strawberry Festival Cookbook, last published in 2010, is getting a facelift and a makeover for 2022. The Portland Chamber of Commerce is soliciting recipes through Dec. 3.

An old idea with a new revision is under way through the Portland Chamber of Commerce.

From now until Dec. 3, anyone who has a recipe can submit it to the Chamber for the cookbook that is being put together for the 2022 Middle Tennessee Strawberry Festival.

The cookbook is not a new undertaking for the Chamber, but the last time a cookbook was published was 2010. There is also a big change from that edition of the cookbook as well. In the older version, recipes involving strawberries were all that was included in the book.

However, the new version will have recipes of all sorts. There will still be the strawberry recipes involved, but also you can submit the recipe for your favorite casserole, homemade chili, desserts or grandma’s lasagna recipe if you want to submit it.

“This is hard when you’re only doing strawberry recipes. Nobody really wants a book of just strawberry recipes, so we’re going to have a strawberry section, but we’ll have everything. It’s not limited just to desserts or strawberries. We have all categories,” Chamber of Commerce director Sherri Ferguson said.

For those who want to submit their recipes online, they can do so by emailing their recipe the Chamber marketing assistant Lacey Eddy at For people who want to submit typed or handwritten recipes, they can do by dropping it off at the Chamber office on Main Street in Portland.

“They can write or send us a recipe to the Chamber and we can type it in for them. We can upload it and format it for them,” said Chamber events coordinator Kristen Daughty.

Whether the recipe is submitted by hand or by email, include your name at the bottom or your business name if you are submitting it as an entry from your local business.

For more information, call the Portland Chamber of Commerce at (615) 325-9032. The deadline for all recipe submissions is Dec. 3.

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