Election Commission working to adapt to Covid-19

There have been concerns and questions regarding the upcoming Aug. 6, 2020 and Nov. 3, 2020 elections as it relates to the safety and well-being of our voters, poll workers, staff and commissioner members due to COVID — 19.

The Sumner County Election Commission wants everyone involved to know that we are taking any and all necessary steps to protect each and every person involved in the election process.

We are also going to make available PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) to poll workers, voters, staff and commission -ers — including but not limited to: disposable masks, disposable gloves, face shields, hand sanitizer, antibacterial wipes, (as quantities are or become available), social distancing markers, signage stanchions and caution tape, limit the number of persons in and out of voting areas per distancing recommendations, poll officials to monitor voter waiting areas, poll worker and voter counter shield separation, sanitization of pens and other shared items and disposable sample ballots.

We STRONGLY encourage each voter to bring their own PPE if available (masks and personal pen — color blue preferred) for enhanced protection. Machine Operators will provide a one-time use disposable glove for use at the voting machine.

Amid concerns about COVID-19, we wanted to communicate to the voting public that Absentee Voting (by mail) is available for the voters meeting the following qualifications per TCA § 2-6-201:

• Age 60 or older;

• Being outside the county during Early Voting period and Election Day;

• Being a fulltime student outside the county

•A voter with a disability certified by a physician;

• A member of the military, family member of a military person or a qualified citizen of the county overseas;

• A resident of a licensed facility outside of the county;

• Being hospitalized, ill, or physically disabled or being that person’s caretaker;

• A candidate;

• Serving on a jury in Federal or State Court;

• Serving as an election official or a member or employee of the election commission on election day;

• Possessing a Commercial Driver License and will be out of county during all hours of Early Voting and Election Day

Sumner County is upholding the utmost in voter identification, verification and integrity. Under no circumstance should these standards be lowered or lifted due to unfounded allegations, fear mongering, hate speech and heightened paranoia due to misinformation by special interest groups.

Legitimate votes count in Sumner County.

Locations and times and dates of Early Voting will be well published in advance and will depend on the status of our Federal, State and County policies at the time voting commences

Please feel free to contact the Sumner County Election Office at 615-452-1456 or at elections@sumnercountytn.gov or visit our website at votesumnertn.org for further information.

Best regards, Happy and Safe Voting!

By Lori D. Atchley, Administrator of Elections,by and on behalf of the Sumner County Election Commission

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