Anthony Holt

County Executive Anthony Holt declared a state of emergency in Sumner County on Friday due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Sumner County executive Anthony Holt declared a state of emergency in the county on Friday, March 20 after the number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus jumped from three to 11. That number rose to 22 cases in the county by March 22.

Holt issued the following statement regarding the Covid-19 outbreak:

“As the previous weeks have shown, the COVID-19 virus has generated a worldwide challenge that we must face in order to protect ourselves, our families and our world. It has been our goal in Sumner County to remain ready and prepared to battle this pandemic and the challenges it has presented.

“I would like to begin by thanking all of our great citizens who are stepping up to help others during this unprecedented time. During these trying times it reassures me to see all the acts of kindness and generosity toward those most affected by this pandemic. I am especially thankful to all of those who are taking the expert advice seriously and are limiting unnecessary contact with others. Please isolate yourself as much as possible and only buy what is needed.

“Sumner County will continue running essential government functions. If your business can be done over the phone or online, please use those options.

“THEREFORE, I, Anthony Holt, County Mayor of Sumner County, Tennessee do hereby find and proclaim that the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States constitutes and emergency in Sumner County, Tennessee, beginning March 20, 2020.

“Pursuant to this declaration, I direct that this proclamation shall be implemented consistent with applicable law and subject to availability of appropriations. By this declaration, I direct that any legal steps necessary be taken by our employees and staff to protect our county.

“With all of us working together we will get through this pandemic. I ask for your continued support and prayers at this time.”

The first reported cases of the coronavirus in Sumner County came as a Hendersonville church posted on its website that two of its members, a husband and wife from Goodlettsville, have tested positive for the disease.

Dr. Terry Chamberlain, a dentist, and his wife Lynette first showed symptoms of the coronavirus on March 7, and Terry Chamberlain was hospitalized and tested positive on March 18, according to the website of Long Hollow Baptist Church.

Lynette Chamberlain, according to the church’s website, was quarantined at the family’s residence while she recovers as her symptoms are less serious than her husband’s.

The church also made its congregation aware that the Chamberlains had served in the church’s children’s ministry on March 1.

Statewide, the Department of Health listed just over 500 cases of the Covid-19 virus in Tennessee as of March 22.

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