Investigators re-assess 10-year-old cold case

Facial reconstruction on an unidentified body has been completed in hopes of finding out who this missing woman is.

This week,, a website dedicated to cold case investigations from Kentucky and bordering states, reported new developments in a 2001 Jane Doe case involving the remains of a dead woman found by the side of I-65 in Simpson County, Ky.

The unidentified remains of a murdered woman were uncovered near the northbound lanes of I-65 on Oct. 9, 2001 by a state Transportation Department road crew in a grove of trees. It appears she had been thrown over a guardrail and down a steep embankment.

The site of the discovery is about 12 miles inside the Kentucky-Tennessee border — 50 miles north of Nashville, Tenn. — on I-65.

Recent research into the markings stamped on the insides of two rings found with the body have yielded some helpful information, according to Virginia Braden, a licensed private investigator and site director of Pictures of the rings as well as a tattoo and facial reconstruction can be found on the website and on Facebook. A video presentation is also been posted on YouTube.

Kentucky State Police Detective Tim Adams, who is based at the Bowling Green Post Three, has taken over the investigation and recently posted clues on Facebook in an effort to bring more attention to the case. Adams can be reached at (270) 782-2010.

Ms. Braden, who assists authorities with cold cases, said the onslaught of new media, such as Facebook, has allowed investigators to expand the diversification of information on these cold cases.

"This is a case I really believe can be solved," Ms. Braden said.

One of the two rings found with the remains was an ornate silver ring that is painted with blue enamel and adorned with roses and leaves.

"Information came in indicating that the manufacturer of the striking blue ring was a company named Vargas that is no longer in business. Subsequent research revealed that particular design of ring was manufactured by several different companies in Rhode Island during the 1950s and 1960s and more than likely would not have been made any later than the 1970s. The jewelers stamp on the inside of the ring confirmed that the manufacturer was indeed Vargas," Ms. Braden said.

"This looks like a ring that could be part of a family," she added. "Of course, she could have got it at a flea market as well."

The other ring was a simple gold ring. The woman also had a tattoo of a rose with a stem above her left breast.

The Jane Doe is described as a white female, approximately 25 to 35 years old, weighing between 90 to 130 pounds and standing 5-4 to 5-8 tall with reddish brown hair. She had healed fractures to a rib and upper right arm. She likely had back problems.

The body has already been cross referenced with 43 missing persons.

Ms. Braden is utilizing public and social media sites to promote the case and released a YouTube video last week that summarizes the case and reveals clues and important details of the case, including pictures of the clay reconstruction of the victim's face, in an effort to reach people who might otherwise never hear about the case.

The YouTube video can be viewed

Other details can be viewed at the website

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