Emmett's Kitchen

Emmett Carter, owner of Ms. Emmett’s Legendary Kitchen, will set up in the Portland Food Lion parking lot on May 1 and offer free meals to all police officers, firefighters, EMS workers and hospital and health care staff.

Many local workers and businesses are stepping up to assist in the fight against the Covid-19 virus and to protect people’s welfare and well-being during this crisis.

And as such, with so many people going above and beyond at their jobs during this pandemic. So one local food and catering business is going the extra mile to help those who help us.

Ms. Emmett’s Legendary Kitchen, a food trailer that is located on Highway 31W at the Tennessee-Kentucky state line, will relocate on Friday, May 1 from 11:30 a.m.-7:30 p.m. in the parking lot of the Food Lion in Portland and serve free meals to all police department, fire department, first responders and healthcare workers in the area. Employees at Food Lion will also be able to eat for free as well.

“We will be set up here and will feed a free meal to all of our police officers, firefighters, first responders and healthcare workers and hospital staff who have done so much for us,” said owner Emmett Carter. “We will be working in our masks and gloves and serving food, regardless of whether the pandemic has let up for not.”

Gov. Bill Lee will let the shelter at home orders expire on April 30 and will allow certain businesses to reopen on May 1.

Those workers who are in uniform will be served a meal, and those who are not on-duty at the time, need only to show their badge or their work ID photo name tags in order to be served.

For more information, go to Ms. Emmett’s Legendary Kitchen’s Facebook page.

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