Justin Buck

Justin Buck

Justin Buck

A Portland man is facing a charge of domestic assault after allegedly making threats to kill his wife.

Justin Maguel Buck, 26, of 134 Keen Road Portland, was about to be served with an order of protection by officers after his wife complied with a request to speak to the officer regarding the situation for the order.

The woman stated that Buck had cheated on her a couple of months before, but that they were attempting to get counseling and set up a session to try and work out their issues. The woman stated that Buck initially agreed to attend the counseling session, but as the date drew closer, when she informed him about the session date coming up, he grew irate and stated that he would not be going.

The woman also claimed that Buck had been drinking excessively, punching things at the residence and making statements about shooting her in the head.

On Feb. 22, the woman stated that she found a journal where Buck stated that he had feelings for an ex-girlfriend and a checklist of things that he needed to commit murder, according to the police report.

The woman contacted Buck to confront him about the journal, and she told him she was filing for divorce.

According to the woman, Buck then told her, “I will shoot you and your attorney.”

The officer went to the residence and arrested Buck on one count of domestic violence, transporting him to the Sumner County Jail where he was then served with the ex parte.

Buck’s bond is set at $2,500, and he is due in Sumner County General Sessions Court on March 11 to answer to the charge.

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