Portland East Middle School recently released its award winners in various area. Those individuals include:

Perfect attendance8th grade

Peyton Dubowyk, Javier Flores Morales, Owen Hankemeier, Kylie Mooneyhan, Daniel Stagner

7th grade

Angel Barrera, Ally Berry, Daniel Brasher, Matthew Brasher, Lily Dunbar, Destiny Moore, Ethan Vance

6th grade

Trey Galland, Tiffany Hull, Journey McConkey, Oscar Palada Hernandez, Stephanie Siu, Sebastian Stringer

Top 10 students6th grade

Hunter Whittemore, Jackson Augustus, Farrah Cochrane, Wyatt Napier, Ethan Krol, Savanna Huen, Hannah Fielden, Drew Mathias, Journey McConkey, Sebastian Stringer

7th grade

(10-way tie for eighth place)

Noah Scearce, Kaleb Peacock, Jaiden Spiekermeier, Tania Urbano, Lily Souza, Alexsa Ambriz Velasquez, Brayden Buckner, Seth Martin, Alexis Morris, Jay Guthrie, Taya Totten, Hailey Spiekermeier, Lily Dunbar, Blake Roach, Yelina Urbano, Melvin Agee, Molly Hughes

8th gradeHaley Tate, Madalyn Averill, Addie Greer, Kendall Bennett, Gracie Gibbs, Izzy Greenlee, Dixie Millirones, Mia Acosta, Callie Head, Jacob Krol

Related arts awardsDrama

8 grade-Gracie Gibbs

7grade-Avery Williams

6 grade-Wyatt Roth


8th grade-Madalyn Averill

7th grade-Lexie Morris

6th-grade-Sebastian Stringer

Social health

8th grade-Hailey McMurtry

7th grade-Blayton Choate

6thgrade-Leah Stradtner

STEM awards

8th grade-Lily Williams

7th grade-Marko Carrasquillo

6th grade-Xander Sayar

Library award8th grade-Austin Evans

Reading challenge winnersHaley Tate, Owen Hankemeier, Hannah Fielden

Tracy Denning PE Award winners8th grade-Joseph Neal

7th grade-Skylar Hicks

6th grade-Audrey Martin

Portland Rotary Student of the Year8th grade-Elizabeth Allen

7th grade-Alivia Barrett

6th grade-Hunter Whittemore


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