Dalton James-Lee Civils and Jerri Lee White, 529 West Market St., Portland, on Aug. 30.

Alejandro Blanco Fernandez and Martha Myriam Duarte Perez, 229 Middle Dayle Drive, Portland, on Aug. 8.

Kaitlan Michelle Frederick and James Blake Linson, 199 South Road, Cottontown, on Aug. 22.

Jenny Renee Greer-Andrews and Alford Wayne Adamson, 505 Colonial Drive, Franklin, Ky., on Aug. 12.

Stanley Wilton Hallett and Courtney Summer Lane, 1139 College St., Portland, on Aug. 30.

Robert William Heinze III and Hannah Marie Gregory Gresham, 334 New Deal Potts Road, Cottontown, on Aug. 26.

Jordan Alesa Hudson and Andrew Walter Napier, 325 Blackey Bandy Road, Bethpage, on Aug. 1.

Steven Matthew Jacobs and Rachel Danielle Harris, 1027 Chris Drive., Portland, on Aug. 6.

Robert Woodson Law and Debbie Jean Wix, 776 North Russell St., Portland, on Aug. 9.

Tobias Andrew McNutt and Kailey Danielle Jenkins, 1181 Minor Road, Bethpage, on Aug. 30.

Ryan Louis Medrano and Micah Renee Wilson, 140 Donoho Drive, Portland, on Aug. 2.

Cody Lee Norman and Jordan Marie Roberson, 217 Austin Drive, Portland, on Aug. 13.

Brittany Lynn Oke and Austin Paul Manual Chandler, 2309 West Mt. Vernon Road, Bethpage, on Aug. 9.

Alexandria Marie Smith and William Francis Gaull, 2236 Hwy. 76, Portland, on Aug. 21.

Kaitlin Nicole Trouten and Jacob Anderson Wallace Stafford, 4153 Dobbins Pike Portland, on Aug. 7.

Morgan Elizabeth White and Stephen Thomas McDougald, 243 Watt Nolen Road, Cottontown, on Aug. 13.

Brittany Leshae York and Mitchell James Shubert, 119 Blackey Bandy Road, Bethpage, on Aug. 22.

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