Portland Police Chief Jason Williams recently reported to the Portland City Council on efforts to address traffic concerns in the Lyon Crest subdivision.

“We had talked a few months ago about rumble strips, but we wanted to wait until the red light was operational at Searcy Lane and (Highway) 52,” Portland Mayor Mike Callis said. “The chief and (Portland Director of Public Works) Carlton (Cobb) have been reviewing the area and listened to concerns there.”

Williams said that putting rumble strips down would be best done as a teat measure to gauge the public’s reaction.

“You may put them down and in three months have 100 people here in the meeting wanting them gone,” Williams said.

He noted that Alderman Brian Woodall had recommended a six-month trial period.

“I think this would be a good subdivision to try it in,” Williams said.

Cobb added that speed bumps would not be a good idea in a subdivision, with Callis adding that neighbors might feel differently about measures to slow down vehicles.

Alderwoman Megann Thompson asked about the cost of putting rumble strips down if other neighborhood asked for them.

Cobb estimated the cost at between $200 and $700 per strip, while adding that they would need replacing periodically if a road were repaved or plowed during the winter.

“(It’s) at $600 a pop, and as soon as a snow plow goes over, it it’s another $600,” Woodall said. “I think I’m changing my mind.”

Portland Vice Mayor Drew Jennings noted that there did not appear to be much public demand for the idea, as no one was at the meeting to speak on the matter.

The council suggested a public hearing to allow residents to speak on the matter.

When asked if the traffic light was helping issues with school traffic, Williams said, “It’s hard to measure because school’s in one day and out another. I don’t see how it couldn’t have helped at least a bit.”

Callis said that the council would set a public hearing for the council’s first meeting in May.

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