The 2020 regular season is winding down for the Portland High School bowling teams, with three games remaining before the district tournament begins on Nov. 30.

The Panthers played in two matches last week, winning one and losing one.

In an open match held on Nov. 9, the Panthers lost to Beech, 18-9.

In the first game, Jackson Wyattmills and Aaron Dailey each won by forfeit. Maddie Taylor earned a win by forfeit in game two, and Lukas Edmonds came out a 141-121 winner.

Taylor notched the lone win for the Panthers in the final game by forfeit.

The Bucs finished with a 2491-2404 edge in match total pinfall and score.

The Panthers came on top in another open match by defeating Station Camp, 22-5.

Summer Evans opened up the action with a 142-104 victory in the first game, and Taylor picked up a 192-144 victory.

Kalen Poghen bowled a 141 to his opponent’s 107. Edmonds edged his opponent, 128-100, and Dailey finished up the first game by posting a 194-103 advantage.

The Panthers won the game one total pinfall and points by a 900-718 margin.

In the second game, Taylor triumphed, 182-159. Poghen came out a 131-100 winner, and Dailey completed a 170-115 win.

Portland won the game two total pinfall and points.

The Panthers wrapped up the victory with five wins in game three. Evans won 185-158. Taylor finished with a 155-126 edge over her opponent. Poghen won 125-94. Edmonds notched a 134-81 victory, and Dailey wrapped up the scoring with a 191-120 win.

The Panthers won both game two and three in total pinfall and points and held a 2604-2243 advantage in match total pinfall and score.

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