A Portland man was recently arrested after his mother was found dead in the residence they shared.

Brian David Atchison, 44, was taken into custody on May 25 and later charged with first-degree murder.

According to the arrest report and a press release issued by Portland Police Chief Jason Williams, Portland Police Det. Miranda Vaughan received a referral from the Tennessee Department of Adult Protective Services in regard to Doris Atchison, who was residing at 830 South Broadway in Portland along with her son, Brian Atchison.

The press release states that the reporting party had not had contact with Doris Atchison since March of 2020 and was concerned about her welfare.

Vaughan went to the residence and was speaking with neighbors when Brian Atchison pulled into the driveway. He told Vaughan that his mother left in February of 2020 to go visit her aunt, who was in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Brian Atchison gave Vaughan, who called for assistance from a patrol unit, consent to enter the home in order to check for Doris Atchison.

Upon entering the home, Vaughan smelled a foul odor, and as she walked through the the kitchen and toward the hallway, Vaughan saw towels stuffed at the bottom of two bedroom doors.

Vaughan walked to the back bedroom, which Brian Atchison described as his mother’s bedroom. Upon entering the room, Vaughan saw piles of clothing and a chest that had been turned over before seeing two feet that appeared to be female that were sticking up from underneath the clothing. The feet appeared to have been there for a while according to the report.

Vaughan then called for Lt. Jason Arnold to respond to the scene, and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation assisted the Portland Police Department in the processing of the crime scene.

Brian Atchison was detained at that point and signed a consent-to-search form, which allowed the officers to search the home.

Once a search was conducted, a female body was discovered in that bedroom that appeared to be female based on the clothing and fingernail polish. It was determined to be Doris Atchison.

A cooler with dead cats and kittens was found in another bedroom.

Also, a jar was discovered that contained a green, leafy substance that was believed to be marijuana.

Brian Atchison was questioned and shared very little information initially. However, when he was questioned at a later date, he made statements implicating himself in the death of Doris Atchison.

Brian Atchison was initially charged with abuse of a corpse and two counts of aggravated animal cruelty.

After an autopsy was performed, the preliminary findings were consistent with a homicide. Statements made by Atchison were corroborated by the findings of the autopsy, and therefore, Atchison was charged with first-degree murder.

Atchison is being held in the Sumner County Jail without bond.

Atchison is slated to open in Sumner County General Sessions Court on Wednesday at 9 a.m.

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