A Portland man who threatened to fight with police, stating that he “wanted to go to jail” got his wish as he was arrested on March 4.

Portland Police responded to 189 TGT Road in Portland shortly before 2 a.m. on Wednesday and found a broken window and a flower vase close to the front porch of the residence.

Officers attempted to make contact with the people inside the residence, but no one came to the door. However, they could hear voices inside the building.

Police officers continued to knock for approximately 20 minutes before someone finally came to the door.

A woman walked outside the door and made contact with officers, while the door was slammed shut again.

Moments later, a man identified as Kyle Cason, 38, of 189 TGT Road, came out the door with his fists clinched in an aggressive manner and yelling at a female officer on the call, stating that he wanted to go to jail.

Cason walked aggressively toward the officer, forcing her to take a step back to avoid a collision and feared that Cason was about to assault her.

Cason then turned on the male officer with his fists clenched and began to run at him.

Both officers responded and got Cason on the ground and placed him into handcuffs. Cason continued to yell that he wanted to go to jail, even though he continued to resist arrest as officers were handcuffing him to take him to the back of the patrol vehicle.

Cason, at one point, grabbed the fingers of one of the officers who was escorting him to the patrol car, squeezing and causing pain.

Cason stated that he had called dispatch himself because he wanted to go to jail and continuously stated that he was “a threat to himself and society.”

Cason was charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and two accounts of assault on an officer. His bond was set at $10,000, and he is scheduled to be in Sumner County General Sessions Court on April 13 to face the charges.

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