As I was watching the news the other evening, I was unnerved by the behavior of many fellow citizens across this great land.

The lawlessness, hatred and violence was disconcerting. We are witnessing the worst possible crimes being committed within our boarders upon one another. We have taken an enormous step backward in civility and humanity in 2020.

The answer to our social failures will not be found in mayhem. I suggest the answer can be found in the revival of a simple behavior. The behavior is virtue. Imagine all of us committing ourselves to virtuous living. Humorous? To some. Possible? With God, all things are possible.

We do not use the word virtue much in our vernacular today. Not only is it an archaic word, it seems to be an archaic lifestyle, an antiquated value system that only Puritans would pursue. However, this is a Biblical word that is taught to be employed in the spiritual life of the Christian.

The apostle Peter exhorted the Christian to add virtue to their faith (2 Peter 1:5). Virtue is a building block, a necessity in the spiritual formation of a child of God.

Through the years, many Christian teachers have expounded upon the principles of virtuous living. As virtue is dissected, we realize there are layers of attributes that quantify the whole spectrum of this significant, singular behavior. A conscientious Christian will carefully self-evaluate in order to fulfill the will of an all-holy God. It is commonly agreed within Christendom that there are seven particular components of virtue.

The first component of virtue is faith. Faith in the saving grace of God, His love, His sovereignty and His eternal plan.

Hope is another component of virtue. Hope in taking a positive futuristic view, to be an optimist and holding fast to the belief that good will prevail.

Then, there is charity. Charity portrays the actions of the Good Samaritan, who actively cares for the needs of others. Then, there is fortitude. Fortitude is a key component of virtue, embodying a resolute determination in going the distance. The fortitude to never quit.

Justice is another key component in virtue. This is the fair and equitable treatment of others, regardless of race, nationality, and sex or belief system.

Prudence produces moderation in our stewardship, particularly finances.

Temperance is the final attribute of virtue. A Christian must have self-control and to be able to choose between right and wrong. There will be moderation in the things needed in life and a denial of those items that are not.

We need a revival of virtuous living across the land. I call upon Christians, to demonstrate moral authority by demonstrating virtuous living to a society adrift in chaos. The actions of genuine disciples of Jesus Christ will not only bring glory to our Heavenly Father, but it will also be the salt and light necessary in a decaying and dark society.

We must put “feet” to our petitions before the throne of God. We must not retreat in fear but rather mobilize to where we can make a difference. No matter where we go and no matter what we are called upon to do, let us each demonstrate Christian virtue. Together, we can impact this generation for God.

Have a great week and remember … God loves you.

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