The Portland City Council approved a measure providing for term limits for both the council and the mayor’s office during its July 20 meeting.

The resolution limits any member of the city council and the mayor to no more than three consecutive terms and no more than five terms total. Previous service in either position does not count toward those limits.

“You can’t hold someone’s past against them,” said Portland Mayor Mike Callis. “As approved by the state, this allows you to serve three consecutive terms and five terms going forward.”

Callis said that the council began work on the process of changing the city’s charter in December of 2018 to provide for term limits. The council adopted two resolutions in September of 2019 and then sent the request to amend the city’s charter to the general assembly.

The state legislature approved the measure as a private act on March 16, paving the way for the council to give final approval.

A second resolution provides that the council can fill a vacancy until the next regular election, should one occur.

Council members also approved three resolutions annexing property. The first annexes 27.85 acres of property at 925 N. Broadway Street and came at the owner’s request. The second annexes right-of-way of the Lake Springs Road interchange at Interstate 65, and the third adds right-of-ways of Highway 52 West, Highway 31W, State Route 109, Payne Road and New Deal Potts Road.

An ordinance passed on first reading to regulate electronic messaging signs under the current zoning regulations.

“Now we’re moving into an age where many people are seeing the value in LED signs,” Callis said. “This will help clean this up for us.”

That measure will come back for a second reading in August.

Under public works and utilities, the council approved on second reading a contract for $114,711.85 with Perdue Trucking and Excavating for the replacement of water lines on W.B. Dye Road.

The council also approved the establishment of a school zone on Highway 52 West near Gateview Elementary School and a reduction in the speed limit to 25 miles per hour in that zone. According to Callis, the state legislature approved a measure giving any Sumner County municipality the authority to create a school zone if necessary. Also approved was the expenditure of $5,612.42 for school-zone signalization.

Council members approved on first reading an agreement for engineering services for the city of Portland Intelligent Transportation System Phase II. The Tennessee Department of Transportation will connect multiple traffic lights along Highway 109

“This is a $750,000 grant,” Callis said. “It’s going to do some of the connections on Highway 109. The state’s been wanting to do this in several areas all over the state to make sure these red lights are interconnected and control the flow of traffic.”

Also passed on second reading was a $559,753 contract for the construction of phase 1 of the south parallel taxiway at Portland Municipal Airport. All but five% of the funding will come from county, state and federal funds.

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